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It's free to setup as an actor. Actors also get a 90% payout for any work they get. When I launched the platform I quickly learned about the stigma behind online platforms in the V.O. industry. I'm very sensitive to building a platform that doesn't discriminate and exploit actors.

Andy Bettisworth Founder & CEO of Accreu, Inc.

Simple pricing for Creators.
Rent a Theater for $90/month.
Then pay actor rates per Cast.

Unlimited casting and honest acting.
Hire as many actors as you want for however many roles you have, on a pay as you cast basis.

What's in a Theater?

Character-first hiring without bias.
Casting like a pro with assisted voice matching.
Guaranteed audio format and quality standards.
Honest pricing with 90% of actor fees going to the actor.
Writing with your favorite text editor using SmartScript format.

Find work. Get paid. Used by VO artists working in every industry; Advertising, Elearning, Audiobooks, Animations, Games, and more.