How it works. As an Actor.

How it works. As an Actor.

1. Create Characters.

Characters are an improvement on demo reels. Instead of multiple voices in one audio file each distinct voice becomes its own character. Clients will find you via these characters. There is no character limit.

2. Accept Offers.

Clients find you. You don't send out auditions. You'll get matched to the perfect script via your characters. You'll receive prepaid offers via email. You can review scripts before accepting or declining offers.

3. Upload Performances.

Upload audio performances. Each offer has lines to be read in the voice of your character. Scripts can be read from the app or downloaded as a PDF. There is an agreed upon turnaround deadline and retakes are optional.

How it works. As a Creator.

How it works. As a Creator.

1. Create Scripts.

Manage all of your scripts in one place. Use the app editor or copy paste. Our script parser will extract different components of a script automatically. Scripts can be simple or complex. The minimum requirement is a single line of dialogue or narration.

2. Select Characters.

Finding the right voice has never been easier. You can use assistive matching or advanced search filters. Voice actors offer their services via characters each with a distinct voice. You spend less time listening through lengthy demo reels. When ready send an offer.

3. Review Performances.

Review actors work. Favorite actors that exceed expectations for easier reference for future work. Every review improves the quality of our voice matching by either positively or negatively affecting a characters reputation. If agreed upon use revisions to refine performances.

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