How it works. As an Actor.

How it works. As an Actor.

1. Create Characters.

Actors use Characters to find voice over work. This is similar to how a Demo Reel is used to market services on other platforms. The primary difference is each Character has a single unique voice. An Actor can use multiple Characters to target different market segments and explore a broad vocal range.

2. Accept Casts.

A Cast is a prepaid offer made to an Actor for a specific Character to deliver voice over work. These offers can be accepted or declined. An Actor may want to decline a Cast if they feel it doesn't align with their Character. Every offer is prepaid and has a turnaround deadline.

3. Upload Performances.

For accepted Casts an Actor will upload Performances as audio files within the specified turnaround deadline. These Performances should be in the style of the Character and in the context of the Script. Retakes may be requested if an Actor has chosen to allow them.

How it works. As a Creator.

How it works. As a Creator.

1. Create Scripts.

Creators use Scripts to purchase voice overs. A Script has a similar format of a screenplay with content divided into scenes. Each scene can have transitions, actions, roles, and dialogue that help an Actor deliver a Performance. To hire one or more Actors a Script needs one or more roles with dialogue.

2. Cast Characters.

Casting is easy on the largest platform of Character voices with assistive matching and search filters. A prepaid Cast is then sent to the Actor to accept. If declined the money is refunded. If accepted Performances will be uploaded within the turnaround deadline by the Actor.

3. Review Performances.

Once all Performances are uploaded a Creator gets to review the overall quality of work. This review positively or negatively affects the reputation of a Character on the platform. In addition, if enabled by the Actor, revisions can be used to refine Performances to meet Creator expectations.

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